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CMIT/MIT& Formaldehyde-releaser LD08 Serious
  • CMIT/MIT& Formaldehyde-releaser LD08 Serious
  • CMIT/MIT& Formaldehyde-releaser LD08 Serious

CMIT/MIT& Formaldehyde-releaser LD08 Serious

Color: Colorless to light yellow-green
Usage: 0.1%-0.3%
pH value: 3.0-5.5

Tiansland LD08 is a broad-spectrum preservative used to protect waterborne industrial products from bacteria, yeasts and molds. It has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, long duration and protection of tank roof.

Tiansland LD08 bactericide is an efficient bactericidal preservative. It is suitable for water-borne products such as concrete admixtures, adhesives, sealants, mineral mortar, sodium alginate and pigment slurry. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in the production and storage of products at very low cost.
Advantages and performance
1, Rapid inhibition of microbial growth, prevention of microbial pollution, odor and slime problems;       
2, Broad-spectrum bactericidal function: all kinds of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae can be effectively killed;       
3, Less effective dosage, very low system dosage, less than similar products can achieve better protection effect; 
4, In the polycarboxylate system, it can effectively inhibit bacteria, and in the system of glucose and cellulose sulfonate, it can quickly kill the mould floating on the liquid surface and continuously inhibit the mould.
5, Biodegradable, non-persistent in the environment, easy to clean;
6, Effective at most pH values. 
7, It is soluble in water and has good compatibility. It is easy to add, and can be directly added to the water for production. 
8, It is especially suitable for poor sanitary conditions of cement admixtures in production environment and poor sanitary conditions in use environment.
9, Durability is good, compared with other fungicides, alcohol, aldehyde, salt fungicides have better long-term efficacy, so it can relatively reduce the frequency of addition and provide long-term protection;   
10, It has good protective effect on tank roof.
Usage method 
Tiansland LD08 fungicide can be directly mixed with water in proportion. Because of its good water solubility, there is basically no requirement for stirring; there is no strict requirement for water, as long as it is not strong acid-base.

Tiansland LD08 fungicide can be mixed with other alcohols, aldehydes and salts. TianslandTM LD08EM belongs to non-specific bactericidal mechanism, which means that bacteria are not easy to produce resistance.
Table 1. physical characteristics
Color Colorless to light yellow-green
Usage 0.1%-0.3%
pH value 3.0-5.5
NOTE Recommended system for floating mildew spots
Technical Service
The microbiology and technology laboratories of Tiansland have the capability of the above experimental projects. Microbiology and technology lab provide technical support and technical severs to customers. If you need these customized technical services, please contact Tiansland sales center.

Health and Safe
The Tiansland LD08  preservative safety data sheet may be supplied upon request. It should be read and understood by all supervisory personnel and employees before using this product. If there is any doubt please contact your local Tiansland sales center.

This product is generally packaged in 25kg ,200kg,1000kg barrels.

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