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In-Can Preservatives

What Is In-Can Protection?
Any paint that is being stored inside a container is considered In-Can. To guarantee the performance and durability of paints and coatings, they need to be protected against antimicrobial activity, such as yeasts, bacteria and fungi. Microbes can contaminate products at any time during production, transport and use, allowing organisms to reproduce from that point onwards.

Why Protect Paint In-Can?
Microbial contamination in paint formulations causes not only unpleasant odours but also frequently compromises the technical performance and shelf life of the paint itself. As a result, product failure can have serious implications for the financial success and reputation of the paint manufacturer.

To protect your coating from such issues & extend the storage life of your coating, you have to use In-can Preservatives. Preservatives may also be called biocides and disinfectants. They are organic materials and be used at low levels.

Tiansland in-can preservatives cover cost-effective products, and EUH208 products meeting the latest environmental standards; and solve the microbial control problems (preservatives, antibacterial agents, disinfectants, etc.) in aqueous system.

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