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Dry Film Preservatives

What is dry film protection?
The dry film refers to the existing state after the product is painted on the wall, and is the concept opposite to that in the tank. After coating, the dry film still faces the infestation of many microorganisms, affecting the reputation of the product, causing rework losses and even posing a potential health threat. Both customers and consumers should pay enough attention to it.

Why Protect Paint dry film?

The increasingly stringent regulatory restrictions on traditional biocide actives have brought great challenges to paint manufacturers. At the same time, the market's requirements for the sustainability and long-term effectiveness of the product itself are gradually increasing. Therefore, dry film protection is particularly important.

Tiansland anti-mildew anti-algae agent contains various specifications of aqueous dispersion, solvents and powder, including water-based paints, oily coatings, and powder coatings; at the recommended dose, the anti-mildew and anti-algae effect may be up to 3-10 years.

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