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Pyrethrin Mixture ZW-300 Preservative
  • Pyrethrin Mixture ZW-300 Preservative

Pyrethrin Mixture ZW-300 Preservative

1, Against textile-borne disease-carrying insects
2, Safe for both the human being and environment

Protection against textile-borne disease-carrying insects  (especially mosquitoes and bedbugs: dust mites)

The fabrics protected by Tiansland ZW-300 are well-known for the excellent skin tolerance that has been proven in practice. They are safe for both the human being and environment. Tiansland ZW-300 is able to effectively block the spread of pathogens (e.g. mosquitoes and ticks). It is also able to greatly reduce the bites of insects, especially disease-carrying insects, such as Aedes aegypti (yellow fever) and Anopheles gambiae (dysentery).

Tiansland ZW-300 is resistant to mosquitoes and ticks, and has the excellent ability to prevent the insect stay and bite, especially worms (with infectious bacteria), such as Aedes (with yellow fever) and malaria mosquitoes (with malaria bacteria). It can be used in outdoor textiles, clothes and uniforms, and all conventional fibers (except polypropylene fibers), such as uniforms, battle dress uniforms, tents, work clothes, sleeping bags, hunting clothes, hiking clothes, carpets and curtains.

1, Washable and able to prevent bacteria carriers (e.g. mosquitoes and bedbugs) from spreading diseases.
2, Effectively reduce mosquito bites.
3, Effectively block ticks.
4, Effectively block bugs.
5, Meet the Class I-IV requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
6, Pass the by the dermatologic test.
Self-prepared permethrin
pH value (20℃): 4.2-6.2 (50g/l aqueous solution)
Ionicity: Nonionic
Density (20 °C): 1.00-1.04 g/cm3
Flash point: >96℃
Appearance: Yellow solution
Yellow solution: Soluble in water
Compatibility: It can be used with other textile chemicals (e.g. foaming agents, resins, adhesives, fluorocarbons, antifouling agents, softeners, antistatic products and flame retardants). It is recommended to test its compatibility in advance.
Fastness: When it is used with acrylic copolymer self-crosslinking adhesives in cotton, nylon, polyester, wool and their blended fabrics, these materials will be washable. The recommended adhesive is Appretan N92111 liq. The fastness in the application with other additives needs to be confirmed by testing in advance.
Temperature stability: It is suitable for drying/adhesion for up to 20 seconds at a temperature lower than 170℃. The best condition is 160 ℃/less than 30 seconds.
Skin tolerance: The stock solution is irritating to the eyes and skin (wear the gloves and goggles for protection). The fabrics treated with Tiansland ZW-300 have excellent skin tolerance.

Note: Tiansland ZW-300 may crystallize at low temperatures. It can be used after stirring and heating to 30-40 °C and then adjustment to be uniform (no other restrictions).

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