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Mold Imhibitor for Leather
OIT Octylisothiazolinone for Leather Processing
  • OIT Octylisothiazolinone for Leather Processing

OIT Octylisothiazolinone for Leather Processing

Model: Tiansland PT420
★Minimal UV impact
★Non-volatile plasticizer carrier
★Compatible in clear applications

Tiansland PT420 is an antimicrobial solution based on the active ingredient isothiazolin. Tiansland PT420 provides effective control of fungal organisms thereby preventing degradation of the product.

Plastics generally are considered to be resistant to microorganisms, but there are components in polymer formulations that are responsible for fungal attack. The use of antimicrobials is a preventative measure to protect the overall end-material from growth of microorganisms; plasticized PVC, polyurethanes and other polymeric compositions are particularly susceptible. Failure to incorporate sufficient antifungal additive can lead to product failure such as embrittlement, cracking and weight loss. Additional adverse aesthetic problems such as musty odor and permanent staining due to microbial surface growth can lead to customer complaints. Tiansland PT420 antimicrobial is effective against microbes responsible for degrading polymeric materials and as a result extends the useful life of plastic articles.

Product Highlights:
★Minimal UV impact
★Non-volatile plasticizer carrier
★Compatible in clear applications
★Preservative for PVC plastic materials and silicone sealants
★Stable at high temperatures and not volatile up to 200°C
★High performance at low use levels

Physical Properties
Items standard
Appearance Clear, light yellow to amber liquid
Solubility Not miscible in water
Specific Gravity 0.96-1.0

Application & Use
Tiansland PT420 is recommended for flexible polyvinyl chloride membranes, films, sheets, extruded profiles, molded goods, fabric coatings, polyurethane foams and similar polymeric systems. Tiansland PT420 is compatible with most polymer formulations and will not detract from the product’s chemical or physical properties. Tiansland PT420 can be conveniently incorporated in to the formulation during the mixing or compounding processes. Tiansland PT420 should not be used for food or drinking water contact applications.

Suggested application levels are based on laboratory evaluations, and are typical for the use areas indicated. Suggested treatment levels are reported as percentage weight/weight based on the final end-use product.

Typical PVC Formulations .........................................0.8-2.0
Polyurethane Foam Formulations ........................................................0.8-2.0
Silicone Sealant & Caulking.............................................................0.4-0.8

Formulation Considerations
Calendared membrane:

For flexible PVC, Tiansland PT420 can be added to the liquid or plasticizer portion of the formulation, with thorough mixing to ensure even distribution of the antimicrobial to the entire plasticized material.

Extruded profiles & Injected molds:
For addition in melt processed polymers (flexible PVC, TPE, TPU, etc.), Tiansland PT420 can be added at the pre-blend stage or be incorporated as a pellet concentrate in order to ensure homogeneous incorporation throughout the entire profile or mold.

Coated and laminated fabric:
Tiansland PT420 can be incorporated in to the plastisol directly and coated on to the fabric. Tiansland PT420 can also be incorporated in to the adhesive that laminates film to the fabric.

Polyurethane foam:
Tiansland PT420 can be incorporated to the polyol directly.

Silicone sealant & caulking:
Tiansland PT420 can be added to the uncured sealing compound.

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