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OIT + imidazole derivative for Dry Film EPN
  • OIT + imidazole derivative for Dry Film EPN
  • OIT + imidazole derivative for Dry Film EPN

OIT + imidazole derivative for Dry Film EPN

Appearance: White free flowing dispersion
Density,20℃: About 1.1
Viscosity,cps(20℃): 2000-6000
pH,20℃ : About 7
Solubility: Almost insoluble in water

Tiansland EPN is a multi-purpose, broad-spectrum, economic and effective dry film protective fungicide, which can inhibit the growth and propagation of fungi on the surface. This product is a free flowing, water-based, 0voc dispersion product. Tiansland EPN can provide excellent dry film protection for various indoor applications, such as paint, coating, plaster, roof coating, decorative wood colorant, adhesive, caulking agent, sealant and other industrial applications. Tiansland EPN is especially suitable for interior wall coating in humid environment, such as basement, kitchen, bathroom and production workshop, etc.
Chemical and physical properties:
Appearance White free flowing dispersion
Density,20℃ About 1.1
viscosity,cps20℃ 2000-6000
pH,20℃ About 7
Solubility Almost insoluble in water
Recommended usage
The recommended usage is based on the experimental site and evaluation, which can only be used as a reference for practical application. The actual usage is determined by the formula: the composition of the formula, the substrate under construction and the environment where the coating is located all have an impact on the usage. Recommended usage is expressed as% of the final product.

 Application Recommended concentration
Paint, coating, cement coating 0.25-0.5%
Water-based ink 0.15-0.3%
Adhesives and sealants 0.1-0.3%
Paint, paint plaster: in wet and hot places, microorganisms are a serious problem, and it is recommended to use the recommended upper limit.

Adhesive and sealant: the product can be used as an antibacterial and mildew inhibitor, and can prevent the growth of microorganisms in the wet state and dry state after curing.

Formula suggestion
Tiansland EPN should be added at the end of production and pH adjustment (do not add in the grinding process) under the condition of good mixing or mixing.
The product is soluble in a water-soluble system.
Due to the difference of application and production mode, it is suggested to test the compatibility of new products.
Technical Service
The microbiology and technology laboratories of Tiansland have the capability of the above experimental projects. Microbiology and technology lab provide technical support and technical severs to customers. If you need these customized technical services, please contact Tiansland sales center.
Health and Safety
The Tiansland EPN Preservative Safety Data Sheet may be supplied upon request. It should be read and understood by all supervisory personnel and employees before using than is product. If there is any doubt please contact your local Tiansland sales center.
This product is generally packaged in 25kg, 200kg barrels and IBC tank.

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