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Antibacterial Agent
Silver-Based Inorganic Antibacterial Agent (Ag+)
  • Silver-Based Inorganic Antibacterial Agent (Ag+)

Silver-Based Inorganic Antibacterial Agent (Ag+)

1, Nanosilver antibacterial agent, silver-carried zirconium phosphate
2, An antibacterial powder with nanosilver
3, An efficient and broad-spectrum micro silver antibacterial product
4, Widly used in textile, plastic, coating, powder coating etc

LD940 is an efficient and broad-spectrum antibacterial product(nanosilver antibacterial agent), used to protect polymer materials from bacteria and mold. The product is an antibacterial powder with nanosilver as the active component.

Nanosilver antibacterial agent application area:
1, Food contact materials: cutting board, food container, refrigerator liner etc.
2, Human contact materials: toilet lids, hand guards etc.
3, Powder coating: all kinds of powder coating products.
4, Fabric: various non-woven fabrics, such as PP anti-bacterial non-woven fabric, PE anti-bacterial non-woven fabric etc.

Silver ion antimicrobial product characteristics:
LD940 can effectively deal with a series of bacteria and molds, such as E. It can meet the international and domestic mainstream antibacterial test standards and mildew test standards, such as ISO 22196, JIS Z 2801, GB / t31402, ASTM G21, GB / T 24128, etc. For specific use, we suggest you discuss with our sales representative

Typical physical properties:
Model Silver ion antimicrobial powder
Appearance white powder
Odor very low odor

Dosage instructions :
The amount of additives needed to fully meet the product requirements depends on the index requirements, plastic materials and use environment. For ordinary PP, PE and other materials, it is generally recommended to add about 0.4%. For specific applications, we suggest that you communicate with our sales representative and determine the best adding amount through test.
Plastic Dosage
PP    0.4-0.5%   
PE 0.4-0.5%
PTFE 0.9-1.1%
PVDF 0.9-1.1%
Powder Coating 0.6-1.0%

Technical Service:
The microbiology and technology laboratories of Tiansland have the capability of the above experimental projects. Microbiology and technology lab provide technical support and technical severs to customers. If you need these customized technical services, please contact Tiansland sales center.

Health and Safety :
The Tiansland  LD940 Preservative Safety Data Sheet may be supplied upon request. It should be read and understood by all supervisory personnel and employees before using this product. If there is any doubt please contact your local Tiansland sales center.

This product is generally packaged in 10kg.

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Habib Roslan Yahya
Aug 24, 2020
Dear Sir , we read with interest on you product the Silver Nano particles and we have some questions. 1. what can we make from the products ie Silver nanoparticles .. we would like to produce hand sanitizer , antibacterial socks and textile , for cosmetics ( like Korean cosmetics ?) and you what else that you can advise ? 2. will you also advise us on the methods/formulation to make this products? 3. we intend to sell Silver Colloids like Mesosilver or Silversol as drinking water .. do you supply it too ? 4. Is it in powder or liquid form? We are glad if you could give us some advise on this . We look forward to your favourable reply. Thank you . Yours truly Habib Roslan Yahya MD
Peter Lum
Jul 13, 2020
Looking for startling formula for antibacterial antivirus coating . Thank you. Peter UHUw
Nilesh Mehta
May 16, 2020
Requires Anti viral & anti microbial for textile industries.

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