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CMIT/MIT+HCHO Preservative LD06
  • CMIT/MIT+HCHO Preservative LD06
  • CMIT/MIT+HCHO Preservative LD06

CMIT/MIT+HCHO Preservative LD06

CMIT/MIT+HCHO Preservative
Model: LD06
Appearance: Light green aqueous solution
Viscosity 25℃: 6 mPas
pH 25℃: 2-4
Flash point: 56℃

Tiansland LD06 is a broad-spectrum preservative used to protect aquatic industrial products from bacteria, yeast and mold. It has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, long duration and tank top protection.

Tiansland LD06 preservative can be effectively used in polymer emulsion, paint, adhesive and pigment dispersions.

The product dosages required to prevent the growth of problematic microorganisms  are listed in Table 1. Mic does not represent the actual dosage, but it can show the broad-spectrum activity of the active substance.
Tiansland LD06 preservative is a non-specific bactericidal mechanism, which means that bacteria are not easy to produce resistance.
Table 1. Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)
Microorganism : MIC[LD06,ppm]
Faecal Alcaligenes IMI 358536 10
Onion bockholder NCIMB13694 25
Enterobacter cloacae CIP104674 15
Escherichia coli IMI362054 15
Pseudomonas aeruginosa IMI358539 25
Pseudomonas putida IMI358533 25
Pseudomonas schneideri  NCIMB11359 8
Staphylococcus aureus NCIMB9518 12
Aspergillus niger  ATCC10575 625
Penicillium fly IMI114933 50
Pseudoendocytosis albicans NCYC10231 95
Rhodotorula  NCTC9449 50
Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC87 50

Table 2. physical characteristics

Appearance Light green aqueous solution
Viscosity 25℃ 6 mPas
pH 25℃ 2-4
Flash point 56℃
Storage stability Stable storage at room temperature. Avoid freezing. If frozen, thaw and stir well before use
Compatibility Incompatible with alkali and some oxidants / reducers such as perates, sulfites
Density 20℃ 1.09-1.12g/ml
Recommended dosage
The effective anti-corrosion dose of LD06 preservative depends on several factors. It includes the susceptibility of the product formula to microorganisms, the scope of infection, the types involved, pH, temperature and the protection cycle of the product.

Previous studies have shown that the dosage of LD06 preservative is usually 0.1-0.3%. Since the effective dosage of preservatives depends on many factors, we recommend to conduct compatibility / stability test and microbial challenge test before use.
Technical Service
The microbiology and technology laboratories of Tiansland have the capability of the above experimental projects. Microbiology and technology lab provide technical support and technical severs to customers. If you need these customized technical services, please contact Tiansland sales center.
Health and Safety
The Tiansland LD06 Preservative Safety Data Sheet may be supplied upon request. It should be read and understood by all supervisory personnel and employees before using than is product. If there is any doubt please contact your local Tiansland sales center.
This product is generally packaged in 25kg , 200kg barrels and IBC tank.

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