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Paints and Coating Preservatives
CMIT/MIT Tiansland LD05 for Paint
  • CMIT/MIT Tiansland LD05 for Paint

CMIT/MIT Tiansland LD05 for Paint

Broad spectrum activity: bacteria, fungi, yeasts
no formaldehyde
Low toxicity
Friendly to environmental

Preservatives for special protection of emulsion Tiansland LD05 is an anti-microbial preparation for emulsion, which is formulated to meet the changing needs and pressure faced by emulsion manufacturers.

Composition and typical properties of products
Physical and chemical properties  
Appearance Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
pH 2.5-4.5
proportion 1.02
viscosity 3 mPa/s
Solubility in Water Completely miscible with water
Solubility in Organic Solvents Solubility in a wide range of organic solvents

Aqueous preparation
Tiansland LD05 is a water-based preparation and does not contain volatile organic compounds.

Tiansland LD05 stabilizer is prepared on the basis of conformity with the active ingredients of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. It is generally considered safe and approved in advance, or by other indirect or direct food additive regulations.

Storage Stability
Tiansland LD05 exhibits excellent storage stability. After 8 to 12 weeks of storage at 55 and 40 degrees Celsius, the product retains 100% active ingredients.

Low toxicity
A large number of toxicity tests have shown that the recommended dosage of the active ingredient of Tiansland LD05 is safe in your final formulation.

Low usage
In Tiansland LD05, the powerful active ingredients make it very effective when used at a very low level.

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
It can control both bacteria (Gram negative bacteria and Gram positive bacteria) and fungi (mould and yeast). Rapid inhibition of microbial growth and enzyme synthesis Tin Tiansland LD05 can inhibit the growth of microorganisms as soon as it contacts with them.

Rapid inhibition of growth is irreversible and leads to cell death.
Even before cell death, microorganisms treated with Tiansland LD05 could no longer synthesize enzymes. Compatibility It is compatible with surfactants and emulsifiers regardless of the nature of its ions. Instructions The newly prepared latex paint can be a reactive mixture, which makes it difficult to predict its stability, and therefore it is difficult to predict the efficacy of the antimicrobial agent.

For the stability and efficacy of each latex paint, it is recommended that you test it to obtain the best dosage of the antimicrobial agent.

Dose Attention
Typical concentration ranges from 15 to 30 ppm of active ingredients. This dose is equivalent to adding 1.0-2.0 kg Tiansland LD05 to every 1000 kg moisturizing latex. In different application examples, the maximum usage is given in the table below.

Tiansland LD05 is a preparation specially designed to reduce dilution before use. If you need to know about the dosage of antimicrobial agents, please contact your local Tiansland technician.

Sometimes the level of contamination fluctuates with the season, so regular detection of total bacteria will help you choose the best dose rate.

The following concentration ranges can only be used as guidance:
Polymer latex 0.1-0.3%
Adhesive 0.05-0.3%
Ink and printing fluid 0.05% - 0.3%
Electrophoretic paint 0.1% - 0.3%

If it is used for special purposes, please consult our technical department for assistance.

Please refer to the material safety data sheet of the product for more accurate processing instructions. Adequate technical and professional knowledge is required for the treatment and use of industrial chemicals. Generally speaking, please avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear goggles, gloves and protective clothing. Once in contact with eyes or skin, despite preventive measures, rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of warm water, and seek medical assistance.

This product is sold in 25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel and 1000kg/barrel.

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May 06, 2021
Hello I would like to know if this product is suitable for paint in a bottle. May I get a sample of the product? Thank you
May 06, 2021
Hello I would like to know if this product is suitable for paint in a bottle. May I get a sample of the product? Thank you

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