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Requirements of antibacterial agents for plastics

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Update time : 2020-05-29 14:00:35
Although there are many types of antibacterial agents, the following conditions must be considered when selecting antibacterial agents for plastics: excellent antibacterial properties, broad-spectrum antibacterial, and long-term antibacterial properties; safe and low toxicity, no drug resistance, environmentally friendly Relevant regulations; can withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature and strong shear during plastic processing, has good compatibility with plastic components, and does not affect other original properties of plastic products; moderate cost and easy to use.

Based on the above points, the inorganic antibacterial agent has outstanding heat resistance (the plastic processing process requires a higher temperature, and the heat resistance of the inorganic antibacterial agent is the key to its large-scale application in industrialized mass production of antibacterial plastics), safety It has been widely used in the plastic products industry, and has been proved to be ideal by practice. This advantage will still exist for a long time in the future; natural antibacterial agents have poor heat resistance and are difficult to process and use. The application is difficult and the prospects for use are not very optimistic; there are many types of synthetic organic antibacterial agents, and the research and development momentum is strong.

The varieties that match the plastic resin, processing technology and use environment can be screened in a targeted manner; Solve the shortcomings of a single antimicrobial agent, through the synergy of two or more antimicrobial agents and complementary advantages to enhance the overall comprehensive performance. The compound antibacterial agent is not only a simple blend, but also involves specific physical means and chemical reactions and other processes. Research in this direction is still in its infancy and needs to be further explored.

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